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  • How much does it cost for a one-on-one session?
    A hour-long session costs $80 for one-on-one tutoring.
  • How much does it cost for a group session?
    For 2 students: $45 per student for an hour session For 3 students: $35 per student for an hour session For 4 students: $30 per student for an hour session For 5+ students: $25 per student for an hour session
  • I really need tutoring services, but I can't afford your prices. Are there options for me?"
    Absolutely. I never want to turn away a student because of tuition. Schedule a free consultation with me and we can work on a plan for you.
  • I love what you do and I want to help other kids that need your support but come from families that are struggling with their financial health right now. Is there a way I can help out?
    Yes! I will soon be offering a Scholarship program. Please call me to discuss how you can help. Thanks!
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  • I don't want my kids to lose a year of school. Do you offer homeschooling support and how much would it cost?
    Yes - I am working with a variety of families to set up homeschooling for this school year. I have a few different models available, which run the gamut from full schooling to supplemental support for Acellus, to traditional small group tutoring sessions. The cost varies according to how many hours and how many students participate, however the range tends to be between $20 and $35 per student per hour. Please set up a time to speak with me so that we can discuss this in greater detail and come up with a plan that works for you.
  • I see you work mostly upcountry. I live in West/South Maui. Do you have someone that can work with me?
    Yes, we can help you out. Just give me a call or schedule an appointment and we'll talk about what we can set up for you.
  • Do you offer Distance Learning via Zoom?
    Yes I do! I have some great tools for that. So, whether you are quarantined from travel or are off-island, I can help you.
  • So you really do All Subjects?
    Just about! Feel free to ask for more specifics -- but any level in math, sciences, or humanities is fair game! I also offer tutoring in Spanish, as well as classes in Chess, Music Synthesis, and Tea. There are options for adults, too!
  • Your classroom space has a lot of Teaware and Tea in it. What's the deal with that?
    I am passionate about a wide variety of high quality Chinese & Taiwanese teas. In addition to selling tea and teaware, I offer tea education, including highlighting tastes, aromas, and aesthetics of tea and tea culture. Stay tuned for more information.
  • What do you do with the musical equipment in your classroom?
    I teach multiple students about sound (the physics and aeshetics), sound design, and rhthym using analog synthesizers and drum machines. If you are interested in knowing more about this, just let me know!
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