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Sometimes, managing schoolwork can seem like trying to find your way through a thick bamboo forest. Unexpected life events, learning disabilities, or a sense of disconnection from a teacher, a classroom, or an entire subject can block even the most curious student from understanding and retaining the material at hand.

That's when Rescue Tutoring Service saves the day!

Rescue Tutoring Service offers a multidisciplinary approach to education, helping students "connect the dots" across diverse subject matter. Rather than pushing for memorization, we believe that a dedication to the underlying concepts results in the deepest understanding and most dramatic improvement in a student's performance. Intentionally seeking to break stale learning experiences, we provide a lively academic environment with patient, friendly instructors that genuinely care for the well-being of each student.


For one-on-one tutoring, we custom design our sessions according to each student's individual needs.

In addition, we offer small group sessions in Mathematics, the Sciences, and the Humanities to create a dynamic class setting.

Whether a student is far behind or far ahead of his or her class, Rescue Tutors brings out the best with a nurturing environment, patient and capable instructors, and a focus on mastering the conceptual basis of each lesson.

We help students with difficult math and science assignments, prepare and edit papers in the humanities, link diverse historical narratives, and prepare for the SAT, ACT, and GRE exams.

We work with students of all ages, from elementary to university and graduate levels. Students from King Kekaulike High School, Kihei Charter, Baldwin High School, Seabury Hall, Carden Academy, and Haleakala Waldorf High School have benefited from working with us. For a list of references or a CV, please contact Chad at 808.633.1171, or send an email to


How WE Can Help You

One-on-One Tutoring

$70 for an hour session ($72.88 including tax)

10% Discount when Paid by Quarter in Advance.

Literacy Training Program

$85 for an hour session (one-on-one, $88.49 including tax)

Reserved for special cases with significant professional intervention and monitoring, administered by our Literacy Specialist. Please call to discuss.

Group Tutoring

For Groups of Two to Three Students

$46.85 (including tax) per student, per one session (1 hr)


For Groups of Four to Nine Students

$36.44 (including tax) per student, per one session (1 hr)

For Groups of 10+ Students

$32.79 (including tax) per student, per one session (1 hr)

10% Discount when Paid by Quarter in Advance.

Home School Assistance

Rates vary according to group size, time commitment, age group. Contact for possibilities.


Text, Call, or Email any time - we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Chad Kistler


We tutor at 1043 Makawao Ave, Suite 209A

Tutoring at your home is also available.

Contact for details.

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